It Happend To Me. It Could Happen To You.

It was May 27, 2012, that forever changed me as a mother and as a person.  I was in the basement talking with my husband on taking a first family vacation when suddenly a loud thud shook the house. I knew it was bad. As a mother you just know something terrible just happened. When people say bad things happen in slow motion, they do not lie. When I ran toward the stairs, I felt as if someone was holding my legs down and keeping me from my baby.  I could not get up those stairs fast enough. My mind is racing. My heart is in pain.  I am feeling sick. I’m afraid to open the door.  I did. And it was terrible.  My baby was under the dresser. He had a huge gash above his eye.  Blood everywhere.  His twin sister is in her crib crying hysterically.  I told my husband  to call 911. I completely flipped out.  The ambulance finally came as it felt forever.  They were examining Jack  while I took pictures to show the ER doctors what happened. I felt pictures told a better story as I was an emotional wreck.   We finally were on our way to the closest hospital only to be transported to another hospital as his eye laceration was 6 centimeters deep and needed another facility for plastic surgery. In addition to his eye laceration, he had a fractured skull and a broken nose.  Several hours in the ER, I begged a plastic surgeon to see Jack.  They had a maxillofacial come see Jack, but I wanted and was told by the other hospital to get a plastic surgeon. I stuck with my request.  Jack was set to get plastic surgery the following morning. After the plastic surgeon successfully operated on my Jack, I felt a little better.  A week later he had nose surgery.  With time and a lot of prayers, he healed nicely.

I do not want others to go through what we went through. My baby is alive.  It is my duty to warn other moms as his life was spared.  This is my cause.  

Jack knows he is helping mommy help other mothers and kids so this doesn’t happen to them.  His scar is a constant reminder of this.  

I also want future moms and mothers to read as she died from a changing station.  Let all these little voices be heard from Heaven and as a warning to all.

Please do not think for a moment that this cannot happen to your child because they “never” go in that room with a dresser or isn’t a “climber.”  Death does not discriminate.  Please take heed.  If you have furniture or anything that that is taller than your child- PLEASE secure it.  You do not want to live with regret.  Your childs life depends on you.  Protect your baby.

I hope and pray you will share Jack & Meghan’s story with other moms.  They will save lives. 

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